The cherry blossoms in Japan


The cherry blossoms in full bloom in Izume Nature Park, Chiba, Japan on 10.04.2017:

DSC708834.jpg It lasts only a short time when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

DSC708837.jpg And that, we have often clouds, rains and winds during the time.

DSC708844.jpg The cherry blossoms are fragile and transient.

DSC708847.jpg So they are more beautiful.

DSC708849.jpg It is like a dream.


DSC708850.jpg "From the end of March to early May, cherry trees bloom all over Japan, and around the first of February on the island of Okinawa."(From Wikipedia)

DSC708855.jpg "Forecast of the cherry blossom front is announced each year by the weather bureau, and is watched carefully by those planning the cherry watching as the blossoms only last a week or two."(From Wikipedia)

DSC708857.jpg "In modern-day Japan, the cherry watching mostly consists of having an outdoor party beneath the cherry blossoms during daytime or at night." (From Wikipedia)